Zenoctil: Fat-busting Pills That WORK

A couple of months back, I went through a bout of slight depression. During a period of just 2 weeks, I had put on a heaping 11lbs. Needless to say, I was devastated and became even more depressed than I was before.

I decided to put a stop to it, and the first step was to shed all that weight I had put on. Apart from exercising and cutting down on food intake, I decided to give slimming pills a shot.

Hence, I put myself in a guinea-pig’s shoes and tried a variety of slimming pill products. As it’s always proven true, cheap stuff is bad stuff, and those in the lower price range all proved to be rubbish. Out of over 10 products that I’d tried, only 1 proved effective. I was looking for more of a fat burner, not so much a fat binder like Xenical or Liponosil, which you can read more about here.

My rating: 9/10

The instructions on the box said to take 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal, but since I have a tendency to eat at the very last minute, I decided to take Zenoctil™ only after each meal. After a previous 2 weeks of other taking other slimming pills to no effect, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find a 4lbs-drop in weight just after one week of taking Zenoctil™. After a month, the entire 11lbs I had put on earlier vanished completely ;)

Excellent weight loss product.

What I particularly like about Zenoctil™ is that it doesn’t have a laxative effect that prompts regular visits to the toilet. It basically doesn’t make you feel any different than you normally would – no thirst, no nothing. However, neither does it suppress your appetite, so where food intake is concerned, you’d still have to discipline yourself. You can continue taking Zenoctil™ for weight maintenance – that’s what I’m doing now, though I’ve reduced the pill intake to 1 after each meal instead of 2.

Product Info:
Zenoctil™ is a clinically tested fat burner that is proven to be effective in reducing weight, belly fat and BMI as well as for promoting a healthier body composition. In addition, Zenoctil™ reduces the stress levels usually associated with dieting. A clinical study has confirmed that Zenoctil™ is a safe product with no harmful side effects. Zenoctil™ contains Xanitrol™, which consists of natural ingredients derived from natural food sources and is generally regarded as safe.

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