Xando X-Fat

A French-made product, Xando XFat claims to be a revolutionary, clinically tested body fat control formula. It further claims to increase the body’s natural ability to break down and burn off excessive calories and body fat. Instructions on the packaging tells you to take one capsule before breakfast, and one to two capsules just before lunch and dinner.

Its information leaflet included in the box further informs us that Xando XFat does not contain any laxative effects, and is made from natural ingredients including green tea extract, birch leaf extract, yerba mate extract and makandi mint extract.

Though the product claims to burn calories, increase fat breakdown, converts fat into energy, burns and blocks fat, we saw and felt no changes to body weight or size in a trial done by 5 volunteers over a 2-month period.

No side effects were reported, however, which means that the product could possibly be as safe as it claims to be. Don’t expect anything else to happen either. It doesn’t suppress appetite, nor does it reduce cravings for sugar. In fact, it simply does nothing at all. Don’t waste your money on this product.

Another annoying thing about Xando XFat is the lack of a product website. Barely can you find any published information on it, except for what is printed on its box. Lame.

Conclusion: Definitely not recommended.


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